Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Introducing Dobby

I usually try not to look at "Free to Good Home" signs for animals because they make me sad. But when I saw a sign for an 3 year-old orange tabby posted in our building at work, I couldn't stop thinking about it. I went back the next day and wrote down the phone number to ask about adopting Dobby.

Dobby belonged to a very nice guy who had rescued quite a few cats and was now in a situation where he could not keep them all. He had managed to find good homes for all of them except Dobby. He had rescued Dobby from someone who was going to take him to the pound, and was very worried that he wouldn't be able to find a home for him, so he was quite thankful when I called.

Dobby has lived with us since August of 2006. He was in pretty rough shape when he came to live with us. I think he was either very stressed or allergic to fleas. He had chewed off a lot of the hair on his hind legs, tail, and stomach, and even after he was flea-free, he kept doing it. The vet tried several things, but finally she put him on Elavil for a few months. It made him very groggy for a week or two, but he got used to it, and it worked! He has a beautiful coat now. My husband insisted that we keep his name since the poor guy had had too many different homes (we later found out that "Dobby" is the name of a house elf in the Harry Potter books).

Franklin liked Dobby right away, but Tasha growled at him for at least two weeks. Dobby is a big cat, and Tasha is not, but he was terrified of her at first. We had to feed him in the hallway because he wouldn't go near her. He soon found out that she was a big growler but wasn't going to back it up by actual fighting, so he calmed down - and she got used to him too. He still treats her with caution but every once in a while he will chase her around the house when he becomes justifiably tired of her bad attitude.

Dobby's favorite hobbies are sleeping on our bed - he is a very heavy sleeper - and playing with Franklin. He also likes FOOD. He seems to have learned somewhere that it's OK for cats to play, but only if no one can see them. We have rarely seen him playing with Franklin, but we can sure hear it! He doesn't like us to watch him playing with cat toys, but we can sometimes see him tossing toys in the air (we see the toys, not him!)

Dobby has beautiful markings. His big secret is that he has heart shaped markings on both his shoulders. He doesn't like the camera so has never let me take a decent photograph of them - the best I've been able to do is the photo below.

Love from Dobby :)


Casbah Kitten said...

Awwwww, Dobby is so sweet. What a wonderful story and I'm so glad he has a good home now. His little heart is sweet too!


Meghann said...

Oh goodness, what a wonderful person you are to take Dobby into your home and heart. He is such a handsome gentleman and I am sure he appreciates your generosity every second of every day :)
He won't let you see him play as that would alter your perception of his very distinguished catness ;-)
May your tail never grow crooked, may you always have toys to play with Dobby!

The Monkeys said...

Beautiful story! You're both lucky to have found each other :)

renovia said...

this is such a nice story - you are a great writer!

StarrlightJewelry said...

thats wonderful. He is such a handsome cat! I have always been partial to Tabby cats myself, I love the markings. My buddy is a tabby with stripes on his legs and tail but the rest of him are spots. The heart marking on Dobby is a beautiful reflection of what a wonderful cat he is.

Annette F. Tait said...

just gorgeous Katie! what a delight he is, and what a stunner too. The hearts are so beautiful - he is actually wearing them on his 'sleeve'!!
I just love the photo of Franklin and Dobby together, beautiful composition, great lighting and their attention is on the same subject!

BeadedTail said...

What a wonderful story of Dobby! I'm so glad you saw that notice and brought him into your family! I just love his pink paws and the heart shaped markings. He's so beautiful - er, I mean handsome!

Lola Lynn said...

Thank you for taking in the very handsome Mr. Dobby. Sophia approves. And Matthew loved all the photos.

Kary said...

Aw - what a sweetie!!

Mickey,Georgia , Tillie said...

What a great story about Dobby!!!
Looks like he is in the right home :)
Not surprised about him and Tasha,heehee
That Tortitude! I know all about it :)
Purrs Mickey

mvegan said...

what a sweet and beautiful kitty and story! thank you for giving him a wonderful home ;0)

Cliff and Olivia said...

Great story. We look forward to hearing more about Dobby!

Mama Spark said...

I heart big ole Dobby!!!