Saturday, August 4, 2012

Hi All!

Hi all! Franklin here. We haven't posted in a really long time, but we thought it was time to say hello after some really nice cats posted in honor of our birthday (August 1, for those who keep track). Our humans FORGOT completely but remembered when they saw the comment!
We've been keeping in touch with some of our friends, but not with enough of you. Anyway, we are all doing well, even though we're now officially all senior cats!

Our humans were worried because Dobby has lost 5 pounds, which is a lot (!) and I lost 2 pounds, but according to tests, we are OK. But he and I get a whole small can to eat by ourselves every day now to make sure we are not starving. It's the vet's orders!
Tasha's vet says she is "still fat, but maintaining" but Dobby and I think she is just plain fat! She weighs more than either of us now (almost 12 pounds!!). 
Tasha and Dobby still pretend that they don't like each other, but I think it is because they are bored. Look at this photo!

The humans are doing OK too except that they have both been working far too many hours. They keep talking about how it's good that they have jobs, but we think it would be good if they spent more time with their cats. 

The humans say I should call this next photo "Franklin Gump"! Check out the TV.
We hope all of you are doing very well. Our humans cannot believe we have not lost even one follower since the last time we blogged, but we know it's because all of you are so great. Unfortunately, we can't promise that the humans will keep blogging for us (our mom says "she just doesn't have time" to "take all those photos"...) but we did want to say hello, and many thanks, too.

Love, Franklin (and Dobby and Tasha too!)

P.S. Our mom discovered that Blogger has a whole new interface since the last time she blogged so please forgive us if this post is poorly formatted - it's her fault, not ours.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Short Update

We apologize for not posting for so long! Everything is fine here. Our human unexpectedly had to assume responsibility for a large project at her job so she's been working almost every day. So she has not had time to help us blog and visit. 
The good thing about the situation is that she hasn't had time to make the bed either. We've been enjoying that!
We want to send many purrs to everyone - and we're sending special purrs to our friends who are ill. We hope to be back as soon as possible. Please feel free to e-mail us!

Love and purrs from Franklin, Dobby, and Tasha (and mom Katie)

Friday, October 8, 2010

Finally Friday with Tasha

Finally Friday! It's been a long week and the humans have been working far too many hours. We apologize for not blogging and visiting this week - we hope to do better next week. The good thing is that the weather has become warmer and sunny and we have been able to have the windows open. 

A friend told us about some beautiful two-week old kittens that will need forever homes in several weeks, so we wanted to spread the word .
The kittens and their mother, a lovely dilute calico, were rescued by a very kind person, Victoria, after the mother gave birth outside Victoria's house in Atlanta, Georgia (USA).

You can read more about the kittens on Victoria's blog here - and please spread the word if you can.

Thanks so much - and we hope everyone has a great weekend!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Mancat Monday with Franklin

It's cool and rainy today - and we're sleeping!
Actually, Dobby is almost always sleeping. We have about 100 photos of him on this quilt and they all look exactly the same. 
Back to bed for me!
P.S. Our human's tendinitis is acting up, or so she claims, so she may be really slow about visiting today. We will be around as soon as possible.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

LiveStrong Together!

We are joining Milo and Alfie and many other pet bloggers to support all beings who are currently dealing with cancer. We are also remembering our friends and family who have passed on. And we are purring for hope, courage and peace for all.  
Love and purrs from the Mishkat cats and their humans.
P.S. Many thanks to Ann for the LiveStrong Together graphic we used in our collages.